Crisis Management

MACH 1 is available for crisis management support as needed and can develop a strategy to protect and defend a client in a crisis situation. The strategy will achieve continuity of critical business processes and reinforce an efficient media response protocol that allows the company to react swiftly in breaking news situations. It will transform the unexpected into the anticipated by crafting effective messaging that allows it a dignified and appropriate platform from which to respond. It will work to insulate the client from unwanted coverage and draw a clear line in the sand for media seeking information about the situation. MACH 1 is also willing to serve as first responders for media inquiries, if appropriate; and lead rapid and crisis response efforts as needed.

“In 2013, MACH 1’s founders were awarded the Global Alliance COMM PRIX Award for Crisis Communications, which celebrates the ‘best of the best in global public relations and communications management.'”

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