Multicultural Communications

Consider your audience. This key tenet of successful communications is of special significance when considering the growing influence of Hispanic culture in the United States and particularly in MACH 1′s home state of Texas. The MACH 1 Group has a proven track record of producing award-winning campaigns targeting the Hispanic community. For projects and campaigns focused in predominantly Hispanic markets, MACH 1 will build a strategy to inform and mobilize Hispanic/Latino audiences through culturally relevant and effective platforms and develop appropriate Spanish-language assets with which to communicate key messages and calls-to-action.

In 2011, MACH 1’s founders helped lead the award-winning LIVESTRONG Hispanic/Latino Outreach Campaign which sought to close the gap in health disparities for Hispanics diagnosed with cancer. PRWeek said, “What LIVESTRONG and Edelman have done for cancer resource awareness among Hispanics will save lives.”

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