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March 12 , 2018 / TheMach1Group /

Texas Primary outcomes and the wave of female candidates

Katherine McLane on Capital Tonight with Karina Kling discussing the Texas Primary outcomes and the wave of female candidates this election cycle.

February 26 , 2018 / TheMach1Group /

The Impact of the #MeToo Movement

Katherine McLane goes on Spectrum News Austin’s Capital Tonight with Karina Kling to discuss the impact of the #MeToo movement on the 2018 Midterm Elections.

January 22 , 2018 / TheMach1Group /

How To (Or Not To) Communicate During a False Missile Crisis…

The circumstances surrounding the Hawaiian and Japanese ‘pseudo’ missile crises were eerily similar. Both false alerts took place within a couple of days of each other; both were – reportedly – the result of human error; and finally, because of escalating tensions with North Korea, the possibility of a missile

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December 5 , 2017 / TheMach1Group /

How Smart Companies Create Post-Weinstein Corporate Culture

In recent days, we saw another round of purges of high profile men as a result of sexual harassment accusations. Gone are Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and Russell Simmons from their companies’ top echelons.  Interestingly, this crop seems to fall heavily out of the media world, both news

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October 11 , 2017 / TheMach1Group /

The Disaster that is Equifax (Sept. 27, 2017)

So, let’s talk about this Equifax “situation.” If you weren’t affected by the security breach, chances are you’ve heard about it, and if you are affected, you’ve probably experienced the same emotions that I have – disbelief, confusion and extreme frustration. When I first heard about the security breach on

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September 6 , 2017 / TheMach1Group /

Reporting Harvey ’17: Solidarity Through Tragedy

While Hurricane Harvey has been and will continue to be a horrendous burden for the people of Texas, we’ve taken consolation in the many stories of people pulling together to help each other, share information, rescue those who couldn’t rescue themselves and staying positive despite the odds. And for that,

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April 12 , 2017 / TheMach1Group /

How Southwest Airlines could win the United Airlines debacle

By Katherine McLane Among the big airlines, Southwest’s brand is the one best known – even loved – for its customer-friendly attitude. Where other airlines’ bureaucratic mindset frustrates and alienates customers, Southwest stands apart with excellent service, good humor and common sense policies. People who like Southwest REALLY like Southwest.

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October 21 , 2016 / TheMach1Group /

Re-examining “Big Sugar”: How Sloppy Reporting Can Lead to Mistaken Conventional Wisdom

By Katherine McLane A veritable case study on modern media and conventional wisdom played out in recent days as reporters, bloggers, pundits, and, eventually, half of your Facebook friends, reacted to a JAMA Internal Medicine story about how 50 years ago, the Sugar Research Foundation funded Harvard-led research into sugar [...]
August 1 , 2016 / TheMach1Group /

Katherine McLane quoted in Austin Monthly: How to Get Away with Scandal FIND YOURSELF IN A PR CRISIS? HERE’S HOW TO FIX IT. The last couple of years have seen a tabloid’s worth of scandals hit Austin. And guess what—no one is immune. “Any business or individual can have a crisis,” says Brenda Thompson, a communications expert who has worked with

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July 25 , 2016 / TheMach1Group /

Martin Shkreli and the High Price of Narcissism

In one sense, it would have been hard to expect anything other than the narcissistic, antagonistic performance Martin Shkreli offered yesterday on Capitol Hill. The alleged drug profiteer and Ponzi schemer has demonstrated time and again that his ego comes first. He will do what he wants and say what he

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July 25 , 2016 / TheMach1Group /

Uber & Lyft: Spending their way out of a likely win in Austin

Uber and Lyft just broke the campaign mold in Austin. This city, like many others in the U.S., has just witnessed an epic battle between Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Uber and Lyft and the City Council, which came to a head with a May 7 special election. At issue here,

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May 27 , 2014 / TheMach1Group /

Inside the winners’ circle: Close up on the 2013 COMM PRIX campaigns for Crisis Communication & Issues Management

LIVESTRONG Foundation: Communicating with Grace While Going MACH 1 By Rae Bazzarre, co-founder of the MACH 1 Group In 2012, the world watched as Lance Armstrong’s fabled cycling career crashed. Caught in the crossfire was the LIVESTRONG Foundation, the highly rated non-profit Armstrong created to improve the lives of people affected

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