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The Mach 1 Group

The Mach 1 Group is an award-winning, Texas-based firm serving organizations and causes at the crossroads of public opinion and public policy. We help clients improve their reputations and advance impactful agendas and advocacy initiatives across the state and nation. 

Our name comes from our founding business philosophy: to offer the very best in strategic communications counsel at Mach 1 speed. It’s through years in the toughest communications realms there are: political campaigns, government offices, broadcast newsrooms and public crises, that gives us the ability to offer swift, knowledge-based expertise.

100 percent female-founded and -owned, Mach 1 is proud to be a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

Ragan PR Daily: Communicators of the Year Award
Austin Business Journal 2023: Women-Owned Business Badge

Principal Services

Mach 1 Group Media Relations


Whether you’re on offense or defense, Mach 1 can land you the coverage you want because we know how a newsroom works. Through many years of service, we have established relationships with top-tier media outlets across Texas, the South and the country. 

Our team has mastered the art of generating positive earned coverage that saves money, advances business and policy priorities and bolsters clients’ reputations and relative positions amongst their peer groups


No organization is immune to crisis — and today, more individuals and organizations find themselves under fire than ever before. Mach 1 helps smart organizations prepare for and properly respond to public crises.

On good days, we help inoculate reputation threats. On bad days, we parachute in to handle some of the toughest crises organizations can face — managing and mitigating reputational assaults, stabilizing and rebuilding.

Our team of professional communicators has served as crisis managers and spokespeople for some of the most recognizable names and brands in the U.S. and has successfully messaged intensely controversial topics.

Mach 1 Group Crisis Management
Mach 1 Group Policy Communications


What sets Mach 1 apart from other public relations agencies is our ability to draw on our collective years of government experience to target complex messaging to influential audiences. Organizations who have a vested interest in the activities of the Texas Legislature and state and federal agencies often come to Mach 1 for help being heard during pivotal moments. 

Our campaigns have a proven track record of success in improving public discourse and advancing regulatory goals. Several Mach 1 campaigns have won national awards for excellence in public affairs and in 2023, Mach 1 was recognized as a “Team of the Year” by Ragan Communications / PR Daily.


Our team is highly skilled in media and public relations and we put our expertise to work designing custom communications plans and media trainings that position our clients, their reputations and offerings in a positive, consistent and credible light. Our programs build public support, brand awareness and mobilize public opinion. 

Mach 1 Group Reputation Management
Mach 1 Group Thought Leadership


Executive positioning, thought leadership, speech preparation and media training are in high demand for modern executives. Mach 1 helps organizations and their leaders master communicating across multiple platforms and exercise message discipline to become effective brand ambassadors. 

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