Control and Message Discipline

Once you’ve developed your messaging, your next task is to exercise discipline to control your message. While you cannot regulate what questions are asked during an interview, you – and only you – can manage your responses.

Here are few tried and true methods for controlling your message:

  • If a reporter interrupts you, graciously acknowledge it with a pause and as you finish your point, try to determine their reasoning. If they are excited, you may want to elaborate more. Conversely, if they appear bored, you will want to shorten and focus your thoughts.
  • If you are asked negative questions, answer with positive answers. Do not repeat the negative posed in the question. Move to the story you want to tell and stick to your message.
  • Take every opportunity to state the crucial points in different ways — using simple terms. If your message is only stated one time, there is a chance it could be lost in the editing process.

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