Interview Preparation: Before They Ask Questions, Here’s What YOU Should Ask

When asked, “Wanna play a game,” your response has to be, “What are we playing,” right?

Before you agree to an interview, be sure to establish what you’re agreeing to. Once you have the facts, you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

What to ask…

  • Is it a live interview?
  • Live to tape or taped?
  • How long will the interview last?
  • Is it in person, over the phone, or via zoom?
  • What is the interview location and backdrop? (If it’s at your HQ, you can make sure your logo or other signage is in the shot.)
  • If you’re speaking to a print reporter, will they send a photographer? (Another signage opportunity!)

The answers to these questions determine your strategy for acing the interview and making the most of your media opportunity.

Need more interview tips? We can help. Learn more about The Mach 1 Group’s Express Media Training and show up to your interview ready for whatever curveballs may be thrown your way.

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