Podcast Prep

With over 700,000 podcasts, there’s a show for everything. So, it’s no surprise that the industry and listener numbers are expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. This is excellent news, as the platform’s relational quality, combined with its impressive reach, makes it a perfect tool to take a deeper dive into your message and amplify it to a large, targeted audience.

Given the innovative medium’s ever-growing popularity, we thought we’d focus on tips to prepare you for your next (or first) podcast interview this week.

Consider these prep tips before your guest appearance:

  • Do your homework

    Much like a traditional news interview, doing your homework is critical. Listening to a few episodes not only allows you to get a feel for the host and their style, but it’ll allow you to prepare to participate in any unique segments. Be sure to check out the reviews to get to know the show’s audience and their interests.

  • Refine your messaging

    Podcasts are based on narratives. Consider picking out 2-3 stories to share that fit your cornerstone messaging. The intimate feel of podcasts makes them perfect opportunities to add in a call to action.

  • Check your tech

    Audio quality matters. Before your interview, check your Wi-Fi strength and record a test to ensure there’s no background noise and that you’re coming across clearly.

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