It’s a performance. Not a Conversation.

Smart companies invest in building skilled messengers because in today’s media world, a great interview performance can help achieve your key business goals and one misstep can take years to repair.

Mach 1’s team of professional communicators has served as trainers, message architects, crisis managers and spokespeople for some of the most recognizable names and brands in the U.S.

Mach 1’s comprehensive training empowers clients to deliver strong messages effectively. Tailored for your business and experience level, Mach 1 demonstrates how to turn a tough question into an opportunity, how to re-align the direction of a story and how to help your priority message make the cut.

Mach 1’s customized training sessions can include:

  • Overview: Introduction to the media landscape
  • Fore-warned is Fore-armed: What reporters are looking for
  • Message Development: Build and share a powerful story
  • Conversation vs Performance: Master the art of message delivery
  • Communicate Like a Pro: Interview tips, techniques and best practices
  • In Case of Emergency: Crisis communication basics
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: On-camera interview training and feedback

Communicating your key messages effectively takes knowledge and practice. Call Mach 1 today to learn how we empower your team to achieve your communications goals

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