The Art of the ‘I Don’t Know’

No matter how much you overprepare for an interview, there’s always a chance you’ll get a question that’s not in your talking points. The reporter may have a follow-up question about a particular statistic or fact or want information you simply do not have. It can be easy to let the nerves get the best of you in these situations and blurt out an answer that could be wrong. Instead, take a deep breath and utilize these tips:

  • Do not prevaricate or try to guess the answer.
  • Say “I don’t know” and offer to find the answer.
  • If you are not the right person to provide such an answer, state that fact directly.

If you offer to find the answer, be sure to follow up with additional information. This follow-up provides the perfect opportunity to expand on anything you touched on during the interview and thank the reporter for their time and hard work.

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