Three Questions to Help Select Your Next Spokes Person

During moments of uncertainty, it’s only natural that we seek out strong voices for support and reassurance. For organizations, identifying someone capable of delivering this comfort is a vital part of the preparation process.

But finding that type of voice for your organization can be a challenge, as the best person for the job may not be your chief executive. Your communications committee should take time to reflect before selecting your organization’s spokesperson(s) by considering these questions:

What is your goal?
Understanding what you are trying to communicate and what you want to achieve are essential first steps to choosing the right messenger.

Who is your audience?
Think through who you believe to be your target audience. Next, identify their motivations to determine how best to appeal to the group. Your messenger should be able to communicate with your audience effectively and sincerely.

What skills are required to effectively convey your message?
Consider your messenger’s expertise, skills and qualities. Your spokesperson must be comfortable with the subject matter and talking points. A forced delivery is not authentic – and your audience will know it. Remember that the more comfortable a spokesperson is on a topic, the more natural it will be for them to deliver.

Choosing your spokesperson is an important decision. Taking a few minutes in advance of an event to consider these questions and identify a message could save valuable time when the pressure is on.

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