Media Training

Your reputation is priceless.

Media interviews are a significant opportunity to strengthen your reputation, promote your cause, and enhance your brand.

If done right.

If not properly executed, your efforts can be wasted or worse, actually damage your reputation.

That’s why people tend to shy away from taking advantage of the free publicity media interviews offer.
• They feel uncomfortable and exposed.
• They’re afraid of saying the wrong thing.
• They lack experience speaking with the media.
• Or maybe their interactions with media aren’t consistently producing the desired outcome.

We are media experts with years of combined experience that has produced winning results for leading corporate, governmental, and non-profit entities across Texas and nationally.

Tell the story you want to tell. Highlight what you want the world to know. Give an excellent performance.

Because that’s exactly what an interview is.

We help organizations and individuals become their own best advocates and messengers, better positioning your brand, burnishing your reputation, mitigating a potential crisis, or preparing for a big announcement. Our training puts you at ease and educates you about how to prepare for media opportunities, maximizing every one of them to your advantage.

We’ll teach you the vitals of media interviews while also helping you to prepare like the pros.

Our media training covers:

Message refinement: What are your most important messages? Are you conveying them in the simplest, most effective way possible? We dig in to your message platform to maximize effect and impact.

Effective delivery: Speaking on the record can be twice as daunting as public speaking. Learning a few basic techniques to nail interviews, whether TV, radio, online, or print, helps our clients feel more comfortable and enhances their confidence and capabilities as messengers.

Practice: It’s not only how to make it to Carnegie Hall, it’s also how effective messengers master their nerves and refine their skills. Through mock interviews using their own messages, we provide clients with the essential experience they need to feel confident, comfortable, and prepared the next time a reporter requests an interview.

In addition, we can provide prep and support for committee hearings and press conferences. This could include:

• Drafting and editing testimony and other public remarks

• Pre-hearing prep (e.g. overseeing a dry run of testimony, providing helpful tips on how best to articulate your message)

• Press conference management (e.g. answering hard questions in a live venue, how best to position your issue(s) in a crowded media cycle)

• Pre and post-hearing media outreach to help you or your clients get the most out of your message

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