11 Elements of a Successful Public Relations Campaign

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As the world becomes increasingly connected through social media, cell phones and news, the need for companies and organizations to have public relations plans in place is more apparent than ever. Whether you’re hoping to increase visibility, respond to a crisis or effectively influence legislation, a well-crafted public relations campaign can help you meet your goals. The Mach 1 Group considers 11 elements to meet every client’s individual public relations needs. 

Communications Consultancy

Whether defense or offense, Mach 1 has decades of experience navigating different public relations strategies. Our company provides professional consultation to determine the most appropriate messaging for every situation you may face.  

Content Marketing

Creating and conveying appropriate messages can promote an understanding of your business, brand or organization to key internal and external stakeholders. Our team of professional writers will develop original content that promotes your message to targeted audiences. Through articles, opinion pieces, testimony, speeches, press releases, scripts and web copy, Mach 1 will help create favorable press opportunities that reflect positively on your business. 

Event Support

Well crafted events are a great way to gain media attention and position company leaders as experts in their industry. However, building an effective event – whether live or virtual – is both an art and a science. From large-scale campaign events to Capitol press conferences, Mach 1 makes sure every appearance projects the message that matches the client’s goals.

Media & Analyst Relations

Having regular communication with local and national media can make all the difference when trying to place a story in a specific news market. We have established relationships with top-tier media across Texas and at national media outlets in key markets. Mach 1 understands the best way to share information to reach specific campaign goals. Mach 1 also offers media training to help company leadership effectively communicate their key messages once an interview is secured. 

Influencer marketing

The rise of social media transformed influencer marketing from celebrity endorsements to ordinary people. Influencers often attract a larger market of consumers as their content is relatable and feels more authentic. That authenticity builds trust among their followers. Incorporating influencers into your next advocacy campaign can help humanize your issue, increase awareness and expand your overall reach. However, building relationships with influencers is also a very involved process. Mach 1 builds those relationships for you to ensure the ROI is worth it. 

Networking & Lobbying Support

Getting support from legislators requires a much different strategy than drumming up public interest. Mach 1’s expertise comes from years in the toughest communications realms there are: political campaigns, government and crisis management. We serve organizations and causes at the crossroads of public opinion and public policy, often working hand-in-hand with legislative consultants to get lawmakers in your corner. 

Public affairs strategies typically involve a multi-part plan that includes media relations, community relations, creating coalitions that demand attention, creating relationships with lawmakers and crafting strategic testimony to build pressure for your cause.    

Digital PR Services & Marketing

In the digital age, the importance of utilizing social media to promote messages, gain feedback and increase exposure is crucial. Consumers are not only critical of the content on a business’ or organization’s account, but also the executive staff’s posts. Mach 1 performs regular assessments of clients’ social media use and provides recommendations to promote each business to a targeted online community.  

Thought Leadership

Establishing executives as industry experts can increase visibility and make company leadership more accessible for partnership opportunities. Mach 1 helps strategically position executives by securing speaking opportunities, crafting opinion articles, preparing speeches and increasing media opportunities. As organizations communicate across multiple platforms and need effective brand and mission ambassadors, thought leadership skills will be an important asset. 

Crisis Management

Organizations are graded on how they handle a crisis AND how they communicate about it. Mach 1’s team of professional communicators has served as crisis managers and spokespeople for some of the most recognizable names and brands in the U.S. Our team is highly experienced in crisis and reputation management. We help organizations large and small prepare and execute plans and procedures that allow them to shine under pressure. Our process evaluates, streamlines and expands current messaging to maximize impact while accounting for current events. 

Search Marketing

Increasing visibility with search engines can increase business by attracting new business owners and consumers.  Search engine optimization is a key part of digital campaigns and Mach 1 knows which keywords and links will help increase your ranking among the most popular search engines. 

Market research

Before Mach 1 even takes on a new client, our team is already conducting market research to make sure we produce results as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re trying to reach other businesses or consumers, Mach 1 stays on top of emerging trends to position your company as a leader in its respective industry.

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