A Simple Guide to Legislative Testimony

legislative chamber

The 88th Texas Legislative Session is in just 135 days. (!!) As the clock counts down, committees push on, holding their final hearings on interim charges. Whether you’re an invited witness providing expert testimony, advocating for your issue during public comment or helping a client prepare, consider these strategies to amplify your message.

Avoid the Weeds

As an industry expert, you’re well equipped to take a deep dive into a topic area. Unfortunately, testimony doesn’t allow for such an exploration to occur. With most public testimony between two and three minutes, stick to high-level messaging to effectively get your point across – offering to supplement your comments with written testimony and handouts with additional information.

Find a Niche

Depending on the topic at hand, some issues or charges can have hundreds signed up to testify. To help your testimony stand out, focus on what unique viewpoint you bring to the discussion and why that viewpoint needs to be heard.

Ditch the Paper

Remembering what you want to say can be nerve-racking. To appear confident and competent, avoid reading your testimony directly from a paper in front of you. Instead, take up bullet-pointed notes and speak directly to committee members.

Giving a good testimony doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert witness in no time. If you or your clients need preparation support or custom training, please know we can help!

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