Developing Key Messages: What is a message?

Think back to the last conversation you had. How much of what was said do you remember?

Did you know…

  • Immediately after, we remember 50 percent of the information?
  • One day later, we remember 25 percent?
  • One week later, we remember only 10 percent?

A key message is the ten percent you want your audience to remember. It is an idea, concept, fact or story you wish to convey. It sounds simple, but the challenge many people or organizations face is that they are unclear about what they want to communicate.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll break down strategies and tactics for developing and delivering key messages.

Mach 1 Group in the News

In case you missed it, this week, we launched an exciting new service, Championing Women Leaders, Curriculum for Supporting Women in the Workforce.

"We realize the skills needed to retain women are the same skills with which we arm companies to navigate a crisis – proactive planning, efficient processes, adaptability and constant communication. As a firm founded, staffed and led by the best and brightest women in the Texas Capitol area, there is no firm better prepared to help companies navigate this crisis," said Mach 1 CEO and Founder Katherine McLane.

Read more about this service offering in Market Watch.

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