Interview Preparation: Zoom Interviews

The past 18 months altered most aspects of our daily life. While in-person meetings are slowly making a comeback, the same is not true for in-person interviews, as 85% of local producers plan to continue doing Zoom interviews, citing their authenticity and ease.

With Zoom interviews here to stay, mastering the at-home studio is a must. Here are a few tips:

  • Always test your space and physical appearance before your interview. What you see with the naked eye does not always translate the same on-camera.
  • Select a location that is not only quiet and distraction-free but has good lighting. Natural lighting is best and should always be in front of you, not behind.
  • Finally, test your webcam position. It should be at or close to eye level. You may need to place a box or books under your laptop to raise the webcam.

Producers love virtual interviews because they are authentic, so there’s no need to create an in-home studio, but with a few polishing touches, you can enhance the appearance of professionalism and credibility while ensuring the success of your next Zoom interview.

Anatomy of a Zoom Interview Setup: Front Lighting, Eye Level Webcam, Quiet Space

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