Framing Your Charitable Efforts in the Right Way

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season in full swing, many organizations are ramping up their philanthropic efforts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, corporate charitable giving has increased by 23.8%– equating to $21.08 billion.

Which makes sense when you consider that almost three-quarters of Americans say that a company’s charitable giving impacts their spending decisions. As consumers and stakeholders take philanthropy into consideration, it’s imperative organizations showcase their efforts.

Here are a few tips on how to frame your charitable efforts in the right way:

Celebrate Kindness

  • Take the time to highlight your employees, customers or partners who have contributed to the community. Showcasing an employee or customer can pan out two-fold-it builds up morale internally and introduces the partner organization, bringing more attention to their cause.

Impact Reports

  • The end of the year is a time to celebrate success and growth. Use this opportunity to demonstrate how you have followed through on your commitment to a community, organization or issue. Giving employees paid time off to volunteer can be just as impactful as a direct financial donation. Track that time and include it in the overall contributions you made.
  • For example, throughout 2022 the Mach 1 Group provided free communications support for a value of $30,000 to a fantastic organization with a brilliant mission: Keep Austin Fed reduces hunger and spares the environment by connecting surplus food with our fellow Austinites in need. What’s not to love about that?! If you’re looking for a worthy non-profit to support, we can’t say enough wonderful things about KAF!

A Call to Action

  • With the start of the new year comes new resolutions. Bring attention to reputable organizations or charities that align with a cause you believe in and ask for others to donate or support this cause. Be sure to share why you invested in them and why others should make it a priority this coming year as well. 

Where to Share

  • Make sure your charitable actions are on blogs, memos, social media and even through media releases. Transparency is the new currency; sometimes, you need to show people what you believe in, invest in and where you want success to prosper. 

Showcasing these efforts are important to your company, your employees, your stakeholders and your charities so take the time to share it.

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