Implementing an Effective Crisis Communications Plan

Austin Capitol Building in Texas

Austin Capitol Building in Texas

Every organization faces the risk of a crisis. Winter Storm Uri rocked many Texas organizations back on their heels: electric companies and their associations, water authorities, renewable energy groups, and even hotels facing price gouging criticism.

Organizations that fail to prioritize communications during a crisis are at increased risk.

Poor Internal & External Communications Diagrams

As a result, even though an organization may be diligently engaged in crisis management, the external perception of a crisis can quickly snowball, and you could find yourself facing reputation damage, increased scrutiny from regulators, loss of funding, and other unnecessary consequences.

At the Mach 1 Group, we work with organizations to implement custom crisis communications plans that prioritize:

  • SPEED: Even as facts are still being gathered and response plans finalized, swift communications prevent brand fires from gaining momentum.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking responsibility instills trust and pre-empts blame.
  • FACTS: Sharing clear, concise information prevents speculation and empowers operations to move forward.

Mach 1: Speed, Accountability, Facts

And crisis response is more critical today than ever before. With social media and a 24hr news cycle, information — and misinformation — travels FAST.

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