Texas’ Communications Crisis

Last month, Texas faced an unprecedented large-scale crisis. During a natural disaster and state of emergency, most industries, associations, and businesses need to divert to crisis communications.

Why? Whether you are an energy company needing to reach customers and mitigate fallout or a retail business that was lucky enough to keep power, every organization faces vulnerabilities during an emergency. Being prepared and having a crisis communication response plan allows an organization to:

Get the RIGHT information → To the RIGHT people → At the RIGHT time.

A good crisis communications response plan keeps YOU in control of the narrative. It identifies vulnerabilities and potential criticisms, works to avoid pitfalls and the dissemination of misinformation, and diverts attention to your organization’s strengths and goodwill efforts.

The Mach 1 Group is comprised of seasoned crisis and messaging experts. Our team has been in both the board room and the control room during major corporate, state, and national crises. Armed with the knowledge of how to plan for and execute effective responses, over the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking down crisis communications, including:

  • Proper Implementation
  • Risk Factors
  • Levels of Crisis
  • Establishing a Communications Crisis Committee

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