Interview Preparation: Practice

It takes time to get comfortable with developing messages, reducing them to a few well-spoken statements, and staying on message through questions. Practicing your key messages and response statements will help you feel better prepared and, therefore, more confident for the interview.

Make the Most of Your Practice:

  • Practice with a Partner– Practicing with another person helps you get comfortable with silence and interactions during an actual interview.
  • Record your Practice– Recording your practice allows you to see precisely what the reporter and producer will see. Pay attention to sound bites. What could someone pull that may cause trouble?
  • Solicit Feedback– Bringing in an outside perspective allows you to view your interview from an audience's perspective. It can help you tailor your messaging and ensure you
    are not speaking in jargon.

Need more interview tips? We can help. Learn more about The Mach 1 Group’s Express Media Training and show up to your following interview ready for whatever curveballs may be thrown your way.

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