Sine Die (or not): Where Do You Go From Here?

The sun has set on the 88th Texas Regular Legislative Session and while we’re diving headfirst into Special Session(s), we are still raising a glass to all those who worked hard in and around the Capitol this spring. We know there are a lot of people — not just those front and center — who put in long hours in an effort to pass meaningful legislation. Some passed the threshold; others fell short (so far). So, what now?

Let’s start with the obvious question: did your bill pass?

YES — Way to go! Now, it’s time to keep that momentum going.

Passing your legislation during a jam-packed biennial Session is a major feat. To achieve this, you’ve likely focused your communications efforts on targeting the decision-makers. Now, it might be time to redirect and look at how improving public opinion can benefit you in the long run. Or perhaps you need to work on a public education plan to let private Texans, companies or organizations know how they can benefit from this new law.

It’s also crucial to collect data during the interim that proves the legislative change is a positive step — or you may find yourself playing defense in 2025.

NO — We win some, we lose some. It’s time to focus on rebuilding. 

While not leaving Regular Session with a WIN can feel defeating, know that you are also leaving with a trove of valuable information: Who supported your efforts? Who was on the fence? Who worked against you, and what tactics did they deploy? What legislative materials were effective? In what markets did you fail to achieve a media hit?

This information will help shape your interim rebuild or Special Session campaign. It illuminates where to target your communications and advertising efforts now, during the Specials and leading into the 2025 Session. It can help set fundraising goals and determine political engagement during election season.

Developing a long-term communications plan now will help you move the needle next cycle.

It may be the first Special Session of 2023, but smart groups are already setting their eyes on 2025.

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