What to Know Before an Interview

In the world of public relations, interviews with the media can be powerful tools for influencing public opinion. To ensure your interviews hit the mark every time, here are some crucial factors to consider:

Medium Matters: Print vs. TV 

The medium through which your interview will be presented significantly affects your approach. Print and TV media have different expectations and requirements. For instance, print interviews allow for more in-depth exploration of ideas, while TV demands concise, visually appealing content.

Reporter’s Deadline: Timeliness Matters

Knowing the reporter’s deadline is more than just being punctual—it’s about making the most of your opportunity. Different types of media operate on distinct timelines. For example, TV reporters often work on tight same-day deadlines, while print journalists typically have more flexibility. Being responsive to their needs is key to building solid relationships in the media industry.

Understanding the Angle: Craft Your Message 

Journalists always have an angle in mind for their story. Understanding this perspective helps you tailor your responses effectively – and helps you determine if you should do the interview at all. If you move forward, aligning your message with their angle makes your interview more impactful and relevant, and it helps ensure the narrative YOU want is represented.

Grasping the Format: Be Ready for the Occasion 

Different interview formats require different preparations. Whether it’s a Zoom call, an on-camera interview or a phone conversation, knowing the format is a top priority. Your demeanor, body language and communication style should align with the format to make a lasting impression.

Know Your Market: Tailor Your Message 

Think of your message as a targeted campaign. Understanding your audience’s reach and demographics is essential. Tailoring your message to resonate with the specific market you’re addressing can be the difference between a successful interview and a missed opportunity.

Incorporate these insights into your pre-interview checklist, and you’ll be well-equipped to navigate interviews confidently. If you want to refine your expertise, The Mach 1 Group offers customized media training that takes a deep dive into these essential tips and enhances them with personalized coaching.

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