Leverage the New Legislative Landscape and Build Your Communication Strategies

Texas’ primary season proved winning the battle does not always mean winning the war. 
Following four heated special sessions, we saw five anti-voucher incumbents retire, nine lose their seats in the March primaries and another nine head to May runoffs. Only two lawmakers who opposed school choice prevailed.
Governor Abbott celebrated the shift in the Texas Legislature with a tweet, “The Texas Legislature now has enough votes to pass school choice.” 
Advocates will face a new dynamic with a pro-voucher majority in the Texas House. Additionally, with two House Members filing for Speaker, it remains to be seen who will have the gavel next year.

This shakeup and the pending November Election reinforces the need for a proactive government affairs strategy.
Do not wait to to strengthen your communications plan, foster legislative relationships and maximize your advocacy efforts. You can confidently navigate the new legislative landscape by employing effective tactics such as:

  • Shaping policy priorities
  • Drafting cornerstone messaging
  • Preparing collateral for lawmakers
  • Engaging in targeted outreach
  • Finding powerful spokespeople
  • Offering media training
  • Ensuring consistent, clear communication.

Like any good battle plan, strong communication requires time and preparation. The time is now to get ready for the 89th Legislation Session!

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