How to Raise Awareness for Your Event

Earned media is a powerful way to raise awareness for your organization’s event.

Success starts with allotting an adequate planning timeframe. Depending on the size of the event and the desired media coverage, your timeframe could be anywhere from eight weeks to one year.

The More Time You Devote: the Bigger the Impact.
A long runway creates space for the various stages of media planning and outreach. You want to raise awareness before, during and after the event. This requires understanding the event’s unique needs, relevant outlets and reporters. Having a long runway can be especially helpful when identifying spokespersons.

Get to Know the Spokespersons
Identifying spokespersons is more than just making a list of people associated with the organization. Dig into their backgrounds, take time to hear their stories and gauge their interest in media interviews. Having multiple spokespersons willing and prepared to speak to media is a great way to ensure someone is always available for media inquiries.

Devise a Media Plan
When making a media plan, remember to expand beyond the traditional approach. Consider industry-specific outlets, community newsletters, social media accounts and weekend TV programs that cover community members. Take the time to seek out reporters who have shown interest in relevant industries – or even who seem personally aligned with your organization’s mission.

Days prior to the event, issue media advisories and implement a follow-up plan, prioritizing mainstream outlets and broadcast stations. Once the event concludes, issue a press release with collateral and B-roll. This is one step you can’t afford to miss.

Sometimes, a paper wants to be at your event but cannot send staff due to breaking news. Providing outlets with collateral and B-roll is like gifting them a story, neatly packaged with a bow on top.

With proper planning and expert strategy, you could watch your event get spotlighted by local news.

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